Retro Gift Box


The Perfect Sweet Gift

currently unavailable

A mixture of retro sweets (see below for more details) all neatly packed in a white box and wrapped with brown paper.



Retro Gift Box – The perfect gift for any sweet lover.

currently unavailable

Retro sweets gift box from The Grubber… Favourite sweets, all neatly packed in a white box and wrapped in brown paper.  Open to find all your childhood memories, each 11x14x9cm box contains:

1 x big dummy, 1 x dip dab, 1 x 34g refreshers, 1 x 41g packet milk chews, 1 x candy necklace, 1 x refresher bar, 1 x wham bar, 1 x whistle, 1 x fizz wiz popping candy, 1 x 39g love hearts, 1 x 40g parma violets, 1 x sherbert fountain and 10 x flying saucers.




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