Liquorice Gums (Tablets) 250g


Lion Original Hard Liquorice Gums, made with all natural colours and flavours.


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Liquorice Gums (Tablets)

Once known as Liquorice Tablets, Lion Liquorice Gums are the original hard liquorice flavoured gums.

Made with all natural colours and flavours.

Sweets from The Grubber will take you on a trip back into the past…  We take pride in providing you with high quality traditional sweets, bringing back tasty and colourful memories of childhood and growing up!

Upon ordering from us, our sweets are delicately packaged into a sealed sweet bag, to ensure that the sweets remain in the same fresh quality as they are in our sweet shop.


Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, water, beef gelatine, modified potato starch, liquorice extract, natural colour (veg carbon) vegetable oil (palm oil), coconut oil), glazing agent(carnauba wax).



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