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About Us

What is The Grubber

We are a traditional sweet shop called The Grubber Located in the historic village of Adlington near Rivington and Chorley in Lancashire.

Walking through the door of The Grubber brings back your childhood memories whether it be Sherbert Pips, cherry lips, shrimps, chocolate banana’s, liquorice, pear drops, sarsparilla, kurly aniseed, choc nibbles, chewing nuts, Raspberry Ruffles, sugared Almonds and many more, come and visit or order online.

Why we are called The Grubber

‘Billy’ in the book ‘The Giraffe and the pelly and Me’ by Roald Dahl, was always told by his Mother that in the olden days a grubber was used as another name for a traditional sweet shop.

Every Time ‘Billy’ looked at the old wooden shop which was once a traditional sweet shop, not far from where he lived, he dreamt owning his own grubber and making it into the best sweet shop in the world.

Pictures of The Grubber