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What is The Grubber

We are a traditional sweet shop called The Grubber Located in the historic village of Adlington near Rivington and Chorley in Lancashire.

Walking through the door of The Grubber is like stepping back into the past, enjoy over 100 different varieties of sweets ranging from the traditional classics you know and love such as pear drops and winter nips all the way to newer sweets such as jelly belly and haribo tangfastics.

The Grubber Guarantees Freshness on our Sweets & Toffee’s

To ensure that the sweets & toffee’s you receive are of the highest quality and freshness The Grubber traditional sweet shop in Chorley will only ever create your order upon request, until you’ve placed an order with us all of our sweets stay in their sealed airtight jars in a large cool room.  Upon ordering with us our staff will carefully handpick your desired sweets and place them into a sealed bag ready to be delivered to your door.

Can’t find the sweets you’re looking for? Get in touch on our contact us page and we’ll see if we can stock them for you.

Order your Favourite Traditional Toffees and Sweets directly to your door.